SKT-PROJECT is a large Russian system integrator

SKT-PROJECT offers consulting services in the field of telecommunications, including analysis of technological solutions for communication organization, selection of modern equipment for the customer's tasks.

Information technology is an integral part of any business, regardless of the direction of the enterprise.
Many companies in their work face a situation where I can not solve a technical problem or determine a further development strategy. IT Consulting allows you to find the optimal way of development based on the current situation and the goals and objectives set.

  • Financial monitoring of equipment prices in order to reduce the purchase price;
  • Information security consulting, which includes vulnerability analysis of the enterprise IP network for hacking and attacks from the outside;
  • Storage of data using our modern data center.

The vast experience and professionalism of SKT-PROEKT specialists allows us to solve any complicated telecommunication tasks that our clients face:

  • Licensing of communication services - development of documents;
  • Radio frequency assignments - document development;
  • MSS calculations for telephone exchanges of local telephone networks;
  • Frequency-spatial planning for point-to-multipoint wireless networks;
  • Calculation of restricted areas for transmitting radio engineering objects ("sanitary passport");
  • Calculation of lighting, external and internal;
  • Calculation of control zones and video surveillance.