Design and construction of engineering structures, communication networks

SKT-PROJECT is a large Russian system integrator

We offer services in the design, construction and complex maintenance of corporate communication networks.

SKT-PROJECT carries out design and survey and construction and installation works on the customer's communication networks in the following areas:

Communication networks:

  • Telephone;
  • data transmission;
  • Wire broadcasting networks;
  • Networks of cable television broadcasting.

Communication nodes:

  • telephony;
  • IP-telephony;
  • data transfer;
  • Servers of telematic services;
  • Headends of cable television broadcasting.

Communication lines:

  • Wire (PDH, xDSL, etc.);
  • Fiber-optic (PDH, SDH, 1G-10G ETHERNET);
  • Wireless (point-to-point, point-to-multipoint).